Pharmaceutical Tablets & CAPSULES

Martyn Nikk Pharma Private Limited deals in allopathic medicines in the form of tablets, syrups and injections. The pharmaceutical tablets are compressed form of APIs and other ingredients. The compressed ingredients are coated to make it smooth to swallow. Sweetness is added to mask the unpleasant flavour of ingredients. Welrab 20, Weltan H, Welzi 500, Zantir 400 and Acaflam-MR Tablet are some of the medicines that pharmacists and hospitals can buy from us. All these pharmaceutical tablets come in 10x10 packing. All information regarding the medicines is labelled on the packs, including date of manufacturing, date of expiry, ingredients, and storage instructions. 
Product Image (DOXIME-CC)


Cefpodoxime 200mg + Clavulanate Acid 125mg


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